The 30 Day Small Business Plan: Find Out if You Have What it Takes to Be Your Own Boss and Achieve Financial Freedom (The Work from Home Series: Book 8)

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In this myth-busting book, bestselling author Sam Kerns, strips away the falsehoods surrounding entrepreneurship and challenges you to do a bare, in-your-face analysis of whether starting a business is the right move for you.

The truth is, not everyone is cut out to be their own boss. Entrepreneurship is hard, and unless you approach your new business with a solid understanding of how you will react to the stresses and challenges, you can’t really know how you’ll do. In addition, there are some basic skills you must have to run a successful business, and without them, you don’t have a chance.   

Does that sound harsh? Here’s the reality:

  • One out of every two business fail within the first year according to the Small Business Association.

  • That same report shows that one-third of those new businesses fail in the first two years.

  • The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that only half of new businesses that make it to the five year mark survive.

But what if I told you there is a way to determine whether or not you are cut out to be your own boss—and increase your odds of becoming a success? What if you could know if quitting your job and starting your own business is the right move for you—before you took the leap?

And if you find out that you don’t have what it takes? I’ll teach you how to get past your limitations and increase your odds of success.

You see, I talk to way too many people who left their jobs to venture out on their own before they were ready. And if you ask them, they’ll all tell you the same thing: They wish they’d been better prepared so their great business idea didn’t result in a missed opportunity.

In other words, if they had the information outlined in this book before they started their own business, they might have succeeded.

If you like the idea of starting your own business and want the best chance for success, you’ll love the hard-hitting and practical advice found in The Work from Home 30 Day Challenge.

Don’t take the most important step of your life without first evaluating your position. Buy The 30 Day Work from Home Challenge now to give yourself a better chance for success!

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